Keeping your outdoor spaces at their best requires regular maintenance and repairs. Having any type of porch, patio or deck in Hialeah is a wonderful way that you can add value to your home and have an excellent entertaining outdoors. Whether you’re having people over for barbecue or spending some time relaxing after doing some yardwork, your deck can be the best sanctuary for your backyard.

Your deck consistently exposed the elements and with every storm that passes through the area it can continue to get beaten up over time. If you find that your deck is starting to wear down or you are noticing the signs that you may need repairs, we are the experts to call.

Our deck repairs team in Hialeah have years of experience in installing decks, Pergolas and more. We can provide a wide range of repairs for decks, pool decks, commercial decks and patios. Some of the most common repairs that we tackle include:

Stair replacement


Replacement of boards


Teardown and replacement


And more.

Hileah Deck Restoration and Maintenance

Our process:

No two deck repairs are the same and our team will provide a complete inspection of the damage on your deck area to provide you with an accurate quote for the repair process. We can provide a complete quote including repair for auxiliary items like gazebos, pergolas, arbors, built in seating and more. Whether you’re deck just need a new coat of stain or paint or you are in need of major repairs after storm damage, our professionals will assess your needs and provide an itemized quote for the repairs.

Matching stain and replacement materials:

We keep close relationships with suppliers and manufacturers across the state of Florida. If your deck is in need of replacement board or materials we can make sure that we source the same materials found throughout your deck and color match any stain or paint to keep your deck looking uniform. We want to remain confident that your outdoor living space will look great and serve you well.

Deck Repair Hialeah FL

When you may need complete replacement:

If your deck or patio area has fallen into complete disrepair we may suggest a complete replacement. If you’re deck requires major structural repairs it may be more inexpensive to construct a brand-new deck using more appropriate materials for your backyard. We can recommend the best materials and the best designs that will give you the ideal lifespan for your outdoor deck area in Hialeah Florida.

Our guarantee:

We stand behind our craftsmanship on any deck repair. The matter what service we provide for our customers we offer a 60 day labor guarantee on our repairs. Many of the material suppliers that we work with all to provide manufacturers guarantees on the replacement parts we install. Should you have any issue with a repair that our team completed, we will come out and fix it within 60 days completely free of charge.

Contact Hialeah Deck Contractors today for a quote on deck repairs in Hialeah Florida.