Pergolas and Arbors are a beautiful way that you can transform your home and expand the usable space that you have in your yard. If you’ve ever wanted to feel like you have more extra room outside and you want to enjoy more outdoor entertaining without costly renovations, pergolas and arbors are an excellent installation that you can use to add value to your home or business.

Our team in Hialeah Florida installed hundreds of pergolas and custom backyard decks, fences and more every year. We are here to provide assistance in building new freestanding structures in your yard as well as refurbishing, repairs and straining on your pergola and arbor structures.

We acquire all the applicable permits and handle the design process to integrate your arbor or pergola into the backyard space and architecture. It is our goal to truly enhance your property with each installation.

We can install arbors and pergolas built out of a wide range of materials including cedar, Vinyl, composite, and more. We can introduce custom touches like ornate round columns, wood accents, stucco and more to enhance your build and make your project one of a kind.

Deck and Arbor - Hialeah FL Deck Contractors

Attached or standalone:

We can assess your property and determine whether a standalone or attached system will work best for you. A pergola installation is one of the best ways that you can find shade throughout the summer months. They make an excellent point when the family to gather and they are beautiful way that you can add value to your home. We can produce pergola and arbor installation can almost any size or shape including unique circular pergolas, rectangular, octagons and more.

Unique garden arbors:

One of the most popular products that we work on comes down producing garden arbors work unique garden pathways is excellent support for vine plants, ivy and more. A custom garden arbor can be like the perfect entranceway to your backyard or an ideal way that you can support plantlife while accessing new shade.

In any of our deck or backyard installations we can integrate the use of a pergola, gazebo or arbor set up to help you improve your outdoor space. If you’re interested in adding a custom pergola to your backyard deck installation with our team, contact our design team now.

Arbors and Pergolas - Hialeah Deck Contractors

Using the best materials:

Our pergolas and arbors can be built from a variety of materials including vinyl, wood and shingle installations from asphalt to metal and slate. We customize material to suit your architecture and we work with a number of manufacturers that offer comprehensive warranties on products. We stand behind our craftsmanship and the manufacturers that we work with so that we can deliver only the best in installations for our customers.

If you would like to read no obligation quote for your arbor or pergola installation, contact Hialeah Deck Contractors now. We can design and build the perfect backyard shelter or shade for your garden.