If you’re considering having a brand-new deck your home is likely that you have faced a number of questions such as the right professional that you should choose, the types of materials that you should be using and the right types of permits that you will require to introduce for your decking system.

Any residential deck will require certain preparation to ensure that they are built to code and that they can provide the best in benefit to your backyard space. Our residential deck experts in Hialeah Florida are here to assist you and provide the best value for your backyard setup.

Residential Deck Hialeah FL Deck Contractor

Why consider a residential deck in Hialeah?

Decks improve the functionality of your backyard:

Decking will improve the amount of entertaining space that you have in your backyard and potentially give you the ideal area for your plants and gardens, for keeping watch on pets outside as well as for adding in items like pergolas or hot tub installations.

Decks add resale value to your home:

A deck area will add resale value to your home. Adding a deck can be an amazing renovation that will help you potentially sell your home or competitively and get more interest available in your home. Your backyard deck installation could significantly improve the curb appeal of your residence and get people to pay more for your property.

Add much-needed features to your backyard:

Decks give you not only the perfect area for entertaining but also the ideal space where you can enjoy protection from the sun, bugs and more. By introducing items like screen for overhangs it possible to make better use of your deck and to have a deck that the natural extension of your interior spaces.

We can help you choose the ideal deck installation materials to suit your needs in Hialeah:

Choosing the right decking installation material for residential deck can be important for it often have a humid climate which can be difficult to manage with certain decking materials. We can make recommendations based off of your backyard or the condition of any other subsidiary deck materials you have.

Some of the main types of decks that we install include:

Residential Wood Deck Hialeah FL


Wooden residential deck come with a wide range of styles including specialty stains and paints. We can also customize the types of wood that we use for installation to ensure that you get a longer lifespan out of the decking material.

Residential PVC Deck - Haileah FL

PVC vinyl:

PVC vinyl is almost indistinguishable against many modern wooden decks. This material can be designed with a wooden grain to model it after the look of natural wood and it can come in a wide range of colors and styles to suit your architecture.

Composite Decking Hialeah FL


We can also install composite or low-density polyurethane decking. Opposite decking can last for up to 25 years and they come in a wide range of colors and manufacturing options. Many modern brands now introduce decks that include 95% recycled materials in their composite lines.

If you are interested in residential decking in Hialeah, contact us today.